Ideas to improve School Lunches


1. Help raise your local school’s food IQ.
Consider ways you can spark the food revolution in your community. Make a list of three to five things you can do to help out at your local school. Remember: You may need to start small.

Here are a few examples to get you started:

• Offer a workshop on the healthiest options at fast-food restaurants near the school.

• Teach simple, kid-friendly recipes to students.

• Share fun and educational games for after-school programs.

2. Consider a program for kids or teens.

If you prefer power in numbers, seek out like-minded souls and join a school food advocacy group. Check out the Lunch Box Project, the Cookbook Project, the Edible Schoolyard Project, Jamie Oliver’s Kitchen Garden Project, Jamie’s Ministry of Food, and Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Apprentice Programme for inspiration. If there aren’t any advocacy groups in your area, form your own!

Many young people know little to nothing about nutrition and would benefit greatly from your knowledge. Spend 15 minutes brainstorming and researching how you can tailor a talk for a younger audience. Now think of three topics that would cater to them. Consider topics such as healthy snack choices or building a garden. Focus on motivating them to respect and take care of their bodies through lifestyle choices. Make it fun and engaging!

Information provided by Institute for Integrative Nutrition IIN

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